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  1. We stand behind our work.
  2. We advertise our products and services without deception.
  3. We maintain a totally professional behavior and attitude towards our customers, employees, suppliers, fellow contractors and the public.
  4. We perform jobs that we are qualified to handle based on our technical competence and our experience.
  5. We provide our services using a workforce committed to the highest quality of performance.
  6. We reserve the right to refuse service to any customer under any terms that could compromise or damage the integrity of our company, trade or profession.
  7. We listen to our customer concerns, taking into consideration the fair market value that has been received by the customer and our decision to earn an ethical profit.
  8. We discuss and come to a fee agreement with each of our customers before performing services
  9. We charge reasonable fees that are in keeping with the quality of our service and our responsibility in performing that service.
  10. We maintain a profitable business as part of our moral and responsible behavior toward our employees and our families.
  11. We are good corporate citizens.
  12. We strive to protect the health and safety of our communities by sharing related information as environmental and technological developments occur.